Appendice:Lista de continentes

item label position geographic area population
Q15 Africa
Africa (orthographic projection).svg
30271000 1200000000
Q18 America del Sud
South America on the globe (white-red).svg
17843000 385742554
Q46 Europa
Europe (orthographic projection).svg
10200000 741447158
Q48 Asia
Asia (orthographic projection).svg
44614500 4164252000
Q49 America del Nord
North America on the globe (white-red).svg
24930000 579000000
Q51 Antarctica
Antarctica (orthographic projection).svg
14000000 4400[1]
Q538 Oceania
Oceania (orthographic projection).svg
8525989 36659200
Q3960 Australia
Australia-New Guinea (orthographic projection).svg
Q27527 Afro-Eurasia
Afro-Eurasia (orthographic projection) political.svg
84980532 1320000000
Q150408 Zealandia
Zealandia topography.jpg
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