Evansville (Indiana)

Evansville es un citate de Indiana, Statos Unite de America, in le contato Vanderburgh. Illo habeva un population de 121 582 habitantes in 2000.

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Vanderburgh County Indiana Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Evansville Highlighted.png
Classe citate del Statos Unite de America[*], citate grande[*], sede de contato[*]
Pais Statos Unite de America
Population 117 429
Area 123,902863 Kilometro quadrate, 115,579464 Kilometro quadrate
Situate in Vanderburgh County[*]
Altitude 118±1 metro
Coordinatas 37°58'29"N, 87°33'21"W
Citates gemine Osnabrück[*]
Geonames ID 4257227
Sito web: http://www.evansvillegov.org
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Evansville, Indiana