Manchester (Anglaterra)

Manchester es un citate in le nord-west de Anglaterra cuje area urban habeva in 2018 le population le secunde plus grande in Anglaterra e in le Regno Unite, post London.[1]


Manchester from the Sky, 2008.jpg

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Nomine original Manchester
Classe citate, citate grande[*], unparished area[*]
Pais Regno Unite, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland[*], Great Britain[*], Kingdom of England[*]
Population 547 627
Area 115,6 Kilometro quadrate
Situate in Manchester[*], Lancashire
Altitude 38 metro
Coordinatas 53°28'N, 2°14'W
Linguas official anglese
Citates gemine Los Angeles, Palembang[*], Chemnitz[*], Kanpur[*], Cordova, Rehovot[*], Amsterdam, Sancte Petroburgo, Wuhan, Faisalabad[*], Aydın[*], Taldykorgan[*], Amsterdam[*]
Fuso horari UTC±00:00
Geonames ID 2643123
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