Seattle[1] es le citate le plus populose in le stato statounitese de Washington. Illo es un porto in le Oceano Pacific que era appellate in honor de Chef Seattle in 1852 e incorporate como un citate in 1869.


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King County Washington Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Seattle Highlighted.svg
Nomine native Seattle
Classe citate del Statos Unite de America[*], sede de contato[*], citate grande[*]
Pais Statos Unite de America
Population 737 015
Area 369,243614 km², 369,466202 km² Edit this on Wikidata
Situate in King County[*]
Altitude 20 m Edit this on Wikidata
Coordinatas 47°34'N, 122°19'W
Citates gemine Beersheba[*], Bergen, Cebu City[*], Chongqing, Christchurch[*], Daejeon, Galway[*], Gdynia[*], Haiphong[*], Kaohsiung[*], Kōbe[*], Mombassa, Limbe[*], Mazatlán[*], Nantes, Pécs[*], Perugia[*], Reykjavik, Sihanoukville Province[*], Surabaya[*], Goiânia, Tashkent, Chimbote[*], Sihanoukville[*]
Fuso horari UTC-08:00, Pacific Time Zone[*], UTC-07:00
Geonames ID 5809844
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  1. Derivation: Entitates: 1. (it) Seattle || 2. (es) Seattle || (pt) Seattle || 3. (fr) Seattle || 4. (en) Seattle || Controlo: (de) Seattle || (ru) Сиэтл || - (Extra): (la) Seattlum