stato del Statos Unite de America

Tennessee[1] es un stato del Statos Unite de America.


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Tennessee in United States.svg
Nomine original State of Tennessee
Classe stato del Statos Unite de America
Pais Statos Unite de America
Capital Nashville, Tennessee
Population 6 600 299
Area 109 247,0 Kilometro quadrate
Situate in Statos Unite de America
Altitude 280 metro
Coordinatas 36°N, 86°W
Linguas official anglese
Fuso horari Eastern Time Zone[*], Central Time Zone[*]
ISO 3166-2 US-TN
Geonames ID 4662168
Sito web: https://www.tn.gov/
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  1. Derivation: Entitates: 1. (it) Tennessee || 2. (es) Tennessee || (pt) Tennessee || 3. (fr) Tennessee || 4. (en) Tennessee || Controlo: (de) Tennessee || (ru) Теннесси || - (Extra): (la) Tennesia