Wyoming es un stato del Statos Unite de America.


From Chittenden Road, Mt. Washburn, Yellowstone NP - panoramio - Aaron Zhu.jpg

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Hymno: Wyoming
Wyoming in United States.svg
Nomine original State of Wyoming
Classe stato del Statos Unite de America
Pais Statos Unite de America
Capital Cheyenne
Population 586 107
Area 253 348,0 Kilometro quadrate
Situate in Statos Unite de America
Altitude 2 040 metro
Coordinatas 43°0'N, 107°30'W
Linguas official anglese
Fuso horari UTC-07:00, Mountain Time Zone[*], America/Denver[*]
ISO 3166-2 US-WY
Geonames ID 5843591
Sito web: http://wyoming.gov
USA Wyoming location map.svg
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