Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (nate in Constantine, Algeria le 1 de april 1933) es un physico judee algerian-francese e un ganiator del Premio Nobel.

Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
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Sexo mascule
Nascentia 1933-04-01 (Constantine)
Citatania Francia
Educate in École Normale Supérieure[*], Science Faculty of Paris[*], Lycée Émir Abdelkader[*], Universitate de Paris[*]
Occupation physico, professor universitari[*]
Fratres/sorores Gilles Cohen-Tannoudji[*]
Premios Great Cross of the National Order of Scientific Merit[*], CNRS Gold medal[*], Premio Nobel pro Physica, Harvey Prize[*], Jean-Ricard Prize[*], Three Physicists Prize[*], Paul Langevin Award[*], Gay-Lussac-Humboldt-Prize[*], Charles Hard Townes Award[*], Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour[*], Matteucci Medal[*], Prix Ampère[*], Young Medal and Prize[*], Honorary doctor of the University of Liège[*], honorary doctor of the Université libre de Bruxelles[*], honorary doctor of the Bar-Ilan University[*], honorary doctor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem[*], honorary doctor of Tel Aviv University[*], honorary doctor of Ben-Gurion University[*], honorary doctor of the University of Uppsala[*], Fellow of the American Physical Society[*], CNRS silver medal[*], Lilienfeld Prize[*], Knight of the Legion of Honour[*], Officer of the Legion of Honour[*], Commander of the Legion of Honour[*], Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour[*], honorary doctor of Royal Institute of Technology[*], Gold medal of the Spanish National Research Council[*]
Lingua francese
ISNI 0000 0001 0874 3886
VIAF 17220922
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In 1997 ille, Steven Chu, e William Phillips ha ganiate le Premio Nobel pro Physica "pro le disveloppamento del methodas pro frigidar e trappar atomos usante lumine laser."[1]