Hominina (hominin, hominines) o Australopithecina es un taxon, de rango subtribo, del familia Hominidae.

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Wikipedia:Uso de taxobox
Rango fossile: Late MiocenePresent, 6.1 – 0 Mya (includente humanes)
Australopithecus sediba
Classification scientific
Dominio: Eukaryota
Regno: Animalia
Phylo: Chordata
Classe: Mammalia
Ordine: Primates
Subordine: Haplorrhini
Parvordine: Catarrhini
Superfamilia: Hominoidea
Familia: Hominidae
Subfamilia: Homininae
Tribo: Hominini
Subtribo: Hominina
Gray, 1825[1]
  • Australopithecina
    Gregory & Hellman, 1939
Typo specie
Australopithecus africanus
Dart, 1925

Illos corresponde al hominides bipede post le divergentia del lineage de chimpanzes.

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  • subtribo

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Classification del subtribo Hominina/Australopithecina secundo Briggs & Crowther, 2008, p=124.[2]

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Phylogenia del subtribo Hominina/Australopithecina secundo Dembo et al. (2016).[3]

Sahelanthropus tchadensis


Australopithecus anamensis

Australopithecus afarensis

Australopithecus garhi

Kenyanthropus platyops

Plesianthropus transvaalensis (Australopithecus africanus)

Paranthropus aethiopicus

Paranthropus robustus

Paranthropus boisei

Homo (includente "Australopithecus" sediba)

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