Insula de Wight

Le Insula de Wight (anglese: Isle of Wight) es un contato de Anglaterra.

Isle of Wight

IsleOfWightFromTheISS.jpgAn image of the Isle of Wight from the ISS[1]

Bandiera de Isle of Wight
Scuto de armas of Isle of Wight
Scuto de armas
Motto: "All this beauty is of God"
Isle of Wight UK locator map 2010.svg
 - Total 384 km²
Capital Newport[*]
Area 380,1644 Kilometro quadrate
Situate in South East England[*]
Zona horari UTC±00:00
ISO 3166-2 GB-IOW
Geonames ID 2633939 2646007, 2633939
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Isle of Wight

  1. Chris Hadfield on Twitter.